Why I Changed The Direction Of My Blog

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Let me start out with a quick statement that is my attempt to squash all of the drama that will inevitably boil from this post. I am not writing this to hurt anyone’s feelings, ruin their pages, hurt their following, cause fear, steal anyone’s money, or steal their best friend. These were all things I was accused of the last time I wrote a post like this. I am just here to explain why I changed the direction of my blog…. and what part social media had to play in all this.

The reason for that statement is because after my last two posts, I had people at my throat. Threatening messages telling me to shut down my page, being reported to Instagram as ‘spam’, being accused of being a fake…. ya’ll… the saltiness is real on social media. So, I am not writing this to make waves. I’m writing this to explain why I all of a sudden went from a Silhouette Tutorial blog to a more general-purpose blog.

False Advertising

My main reason for changing things up was because I felt defeated. I was busting my hump on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and my blog and was getting nowhere. Blog after blog: ‘how my blog made me $10,000 after only 5 months of blogging’. I read them all, followed every step… STILL NOTHING!

Well, not nothing but very little. A couple bucks here and there from affiliate links- probably from friends and family making pity trips to my blog. Thank you for that, guys. Truly appreciated!

I figured that with my passion for writing, my love for research and obsessive commitment- this had to be a total success! I was a journalism major and I wanted to work at a newspaper as a kid. Surely, I could make a blog successful! I had all of these Pins saved that told me how. I just had to do it!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

While I had this grandiose idea that I could somehow make thousands every month, we were still scraping by. I realized why I wasn’t an instant success. Those pins and pages and tips and lists are false advertising. Why do I say that? Not one single thing is perfect for everyone! You can’t just duplicate the way someone else made their blog a success! It doesn’t work that way! There are billions of factors as to why it worked for them but may not work for you.

‘Tips & Tricks’

Ugh… I hate ‘tips & tricks’ almost as bad as I hate using the word ‘engagement’ for my group.  Along with what I said earlier, nothing is ‘the right way’ or ‘the perfect thing’ to do to make you successful. All you can do is learn what works and doesn’t work for you. To do this, you just need to know the ideas, try them and figure out if they’re for you or not. That’s why community is so important- so you don’t have to make every mistake alone.

Ironically, my Hashtag Growth Group is who convinced me to make this change. I started that as a way to help others, yet they ended up inspiring me. They all share all of their ‘secrets’ and ‘tips & tricks’ so openly. Someone finds a new app? They tell us all to go download it! They share it all. Nothing held back. They share love, Instagram secrets, life hacks, money saving tips…. and mostly, motivation.

They remind me daily that it doesn’t hurt you to share what has helped make you successful. Isn’t that why people become affiliates? To share products they love and make a little money? If you’re pushing products you don’t believe in, it shows. People are not going to be interested if they feel your plastic attempt to feel genuine. The same goes for advice- if you’re only posting because ‘5 Ways to Make $1,000 in 5 Days’ will get tons of page views, your readers feel that.

Hurt Feelings

Like I said, I was absolutely torn apart after my last post. It hurt my feelings to have people accusing me of being a bad person. That was never any of my intention at all. It sucked. I got to the point where I was afraid to open Instagram out of fear for another hateful message or seeing another group had blocked me.

My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ. We’re weird. Like 1% of the population is like me. While I come across like a robot, I am the most delicate, emotional, timid person you will ever meet. I take everything to heart and physically hurt if I ever upset anyone.  If you said you didn’t like my shoes, I’d want to run home, change, cry and apologize to you. But, I’d probably just say ‘shut up’. I know, I know, I’m a real badass.

After my social media hell-storm, I felt so displaced. I truly felt like the internet had no room for someone like me. You had to be cut throat to make it on here. You had to be willing to run over someone, back up and hit em again. I’m not like that at all. After a couple days of contemplating quitting, some pep talks from my girls at Find Your Tribe and my own group…. I made a decision.

My Decision

I’m not quitting, giving up or letting the meanies and fakers win. I’m going to keep trying and moving forward. They can’t stop me. I’m going to be the ‘internet nice guy’. Prove that you can be good, you can help others, you can try new things and you can be successful. Being nice isn’t a fatal flaw, it’s a gift and something that I am proud to be.

So, this blog will be a catch-all. Every single way I can possibly think to give back. I’m going to share money-saving tips, house hacks, ways to keep your pets healthy, social media help…. whatever comes to mind that I feel could help someone. Because there’s enough selfish shit online, I think that maybe this is exactly what the internet needs.

With that being said…. what do you need help with?

Love ya’ll


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  • Mindy Swearingen

    I love this post because I love when people “keep it real”. I’m proud of you, Mojo. Absolutely thrilled you’re lot letting the keyboard warriors get to you because you CAN do this. You have the heart and just enough stubborn to do everything you want to do.
    I would love to see organization hacks. My big issues are toys and the bathroom area due to all the products.

  • Lisa Jones

    So sad to hear this happened to you as I have never known you to be anything but kind and helpful. I wish you all the success in the world and will always consider you to be among my best Instagram friends 💜💜💜💜.

    • BarbedWireandLace

      Thank you so much, Lisa! You and the other sweethearts in our group are the only reason I stuck it out! Love y’all for all your strength, brains and warm hearts! Hoping I can save some people a little trouble by sharing my experience!

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