• Safe & Natural Cleaners: Lies And Chemicals

    'Green' and 'Eco' is such a huge thing in today's world. We try to buy organic and eat healthy. Naturally, most of us try to do the same for our home. However, you could be wasting tons of money on 'green' and 'safe' cleaners that are actually dangerous for your family. Click to see what lies the cleaning industry has fed you and to see what solution I found for the problem.

  • Airbrush Make Up

    I am not a beauty girl. My hair lives in a bun, I live in workout clothes (even though I don't work out) and I still struggle to put on mascara without getting it all over my face. However, airbrush make up is one thing that I can do and I enjoy doing to make myself look like I actually try (even though I rarely try).

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